Chapter Introduction Location Breakaway to... Practical Tools
How to use this book
1 Awakening South Africa Navigate change Change readiness
2 Cradle of Mankind Sub-Saharan Highveld Rise above survival & conformity

Career Constellation
3 End of the World Patagonia Embrace meaning and autonomy of purpose
4 Vision Quest Europe Enjoy rite of passage
5 Calling Chile Discover your vocation
6 Blank Canvass Karoo Desert Develop innovative ideas
7 El Dorado Colombia Embrace exploration and entrepreneurship Vocational,Dashboard
8 Survival of the fittest Galapagos islands Face reality, gain experience and complete research

Research Cascade
9 Slumdog Professionals Brazil Optimise education and learn key skills
10 The Terminator Hollywood Be ahead of the technological curve
11 Kidnapped El Salvador Learn to play

12 The Butterfly Ecuador Embrace renewal
13 21st Century Nomad Australia Find balance
Breakaway Compass
14 The core Indonesia Explore the unconscious

Breakaway Compass
15 Blind spot Plettenberg Bay Uncover the trauma
16 Ayahuasca Colombia Access the supernatural
17 Full Circle South Africa Embrace your ultimate purpose