Congrats you graduated! Now what?

Consider the following:

  • There were 46 graduates chasing every single vacancy in the UK in 2014.
  • The average level of student debt on graduation was £24,000.  

  • Ernest and Young has removed degree classification from interview criteria because it believes there is no evidence to suggest that it is an effective indicator of future success.
  • There were a record number of start up's launched last year. Youth entrepreneurship is a growing trend. Driven by desire, or by necessity, millennials are seeking new ways to develop innovative and meaningful careers.

  • 73% of the HR managers in some of Britain's largest employers agree that the upwardly linear career path is a thing of the past . 

Nothing can be taken for granted anymore!

Getting that first job has never been more difficult. Translating all the vague and theoretical knowledge you learnt at university into a value proposition that someone will buy into is very tricky. Do you study further, take on more debt and hope that someone will trust your limited experience?

There is another way! In fact it has always been the only way to get employed. To connect with the right person who shares your values, passions, interests and believes in you enough to give you the skills required.  

Breakaway supports students to get their ideal job or explore new careers so that you can appreciate the value proposition required to get employed in an ideal position.

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