Unhappy in your job?

Consider the following:

  • 73% of the HR managers in 124 of the worlds largest employers agree that the upwardly linear career path is a thing of the past. Many of us just don't feel secure in our jobs anymore or clear on expectations. 

  • Only 1 in 3 professionals feel that they are working in a role that reflects what they believe to be their core value proposition.

  • There were a record number of start up's launched last year. Entrepreneurship is a growing trend that is influencing all of our definitions of success. Driven by desire, or by necessity, people are seeking new ways to develop innovative and meaningful careers.

  • Your average professional has worked in just 3 different roles, experienced 2 industries and completed 1 week of work experience before deciding what to study. This lack of career exploration makes it more difficult for people to be open to the full spectrum of opportunities. 

You don't need to quite your current role to explore a new career/job!

Most professionals struggle more with career uncertainty than career change. They just don't have enough experience of other careers to ensure they are looking at their current role with a balanced perspective. 

If they are definitely clear that they want to change they are often not aware of other options because of the sheer overwhelm of choice, their lack of experience and the intensity of their routine. 

This lack of direct experience and options means that people struggle to take action and will ultimately just wait until things get unbearable, quit impulsively and then take on the first opportunity because of financial pressure.  

Breakaway supports professionals to embark on career explorations that match their ideal aspirations.

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