Become An Online Explorer

Embark on a Breakaway in your own home and at your desired pace with our self guided coaching process. This cost and time effective solution is perfect for proactive people who just need a system for embarking on the journey to discover their value proposition. Through our online course we will take you through the key stages of the Breakaway Coaching Process: 

  1. CAREER CANVASS - Explore and map the key passions, values, abilities and interests that underpin your career potential. Appreciate what you find meaningful and your source of innovation.
  2. CAREER CONSTELLATION - Cross Pollinate to identify all the careers, roles, business ideas and travel experiences that support your vocation. Push the boundaries of your awareness of potential! 
  3. VOCATIONAL DASHBOARD - Filter, cluster, evaluate and prioritise your best opportunities ready for further exploration. Manage, organise and put first things, first!
  4. RESEARCH CASCADE - Gain experience, research and experiment with multiple options while still paying the bills. Remain fluid as you discover your key value proposition.
  5. LAUNCHPAD - Secure the funding and positions you need to embark on your Breakaway and complete your transition. 


VIDEO LECTURES that introduce important perspectives and insights related to each stage. 

PRACTICAL COACHING TUTORIALS that guide you in developing the frameworks that are the key result of each stage.

CHECK INS WITH YOUR COACH VIA MESSENGER Making a change is about accountability and having access to your coach 24/7 to ask questions, get feedback and inspiration is what it is all about!

OPTIONAL EXERCISES that provide further learning and inspiration on your journey.

PINGS: Further advice, tools and inspiration to keep up the intensity and hold you accountable to make the most of your investment. These are sent every few days.



COST & TIME EFFECTIVE: The online course is for people who want to lead their own journey using our system and tools.

FULL SENSORY LEARNING JOURNEY: The online course offers the best virtual coaching journey money can buy.

TARGETED COACHING: Even if you purchase the online course you can still request individual coaching to target specific problems that are impacting your ability to follow through on our system.


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