- Getting nowhere with recruiters or receiving poor offers?

- Going mad filling in dozens of applications that have landed no opportunities?

  - Struggling to think of new ways to re-invigorate your job hunt or stay motivated?


Welcome to the new career landscape - things are competitive, complex and fast moving. 

Whether you have just entered the job market or have been looking for work for months, being unemployed is challenging.

For almost a decade, we have been charting the new career landscape so that we can help you find your ideal job


Why should you consider working with Breakaway? 

VOCATIONAL CLARITY: If you don't know what your ideal job is how can you hope to find it or convince someone to employ you? We will help you to identify the job that supports your unique combination of passions, values and abilities. Forget job descriptions and start focusing on value propositions!

WE ARE THE MASTERS OF LEAD GENERATION : We can help you identify up to a 100 new leads that relate specifically to your unique job profile. Don't believe us? Set up a free 30 minute consultation where we guarantee to help you identify a minimum of 20 really exciting new leads in fifteen minutes. 

CREATE A REAL JOB HUNT STRATEGY: The biggest issue facing most job hunters is they waste their time and blow their savings pursuing the wrong opportunities or relying on just a few. We will help you create a Vocational Dashboard that will optimise your time and money until you position yourself in your right job.  

MASTER YOUR INFLUENCE: The number one mistake made by all job hunters is they do not know how to influence their way into a position. If all it took was having the right credentials on your CV then surely you would have a job by now! Understanding what your ideal company needs and appreciating that you are the right person to meet them is the real wisdom that comes from an effective research strategy.

COST & TIME EFFECTIVENESS We offer a range of solutions that support all budgets and schedules. There is no excuse for enjoying your proven coaching processes. 


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