- Got your sights on that big job but need a strategy to land it?

- Going mad filling in dozens of applications that have landed no opportunities?

  - Struggling to think of new ways to re-invigorate your job hunt or stay motivated?


Welcome to the new career landscape - things are competitive, complex and fast moving. 

We know what it is like to be in your position. No one likes to feel lost, undervalued or anxious that the big opportunity that you have been working towards for years, just might pass you by!  Collectively our coaches have over 50 years of experience in the areas of career development, leadership and talent management. 

We believe that to be successful in securing your ideal job you need to develop your ability to be innovative, influential and inspiring. When we say innovative we mean that you understand what your unique value proposition is and how it will help your ideal company solve their biggest challenges. Influence is your ability to persuade key decision makers to give you the opportunity and Inspiration is how you create a community to help you do it!


Why should you consider working with Breakaway? 

WE HAVE THE RIGHT COACH FOR YOU: Our team of coaches have worked from executive to graduate level and collectively cover a broad range of sectors. 

WE FOLLOW A METHODICAL COACHING PROCESS: For over 10 years the Breakaway coaching methodology has been refined to produce consistent results. 

COST & TIME EFFECTIVENESS We offer a range of solutions that support all budgets and schedules. There is no excuse for enjoying our proven coaching processes.