- Ready to explore the path of the entrepreneur?

- Searching for an idea that offers real innovation?

- Struggling to make the leap from your current job?


Start up culture is gripping popular imagination yet few people actually know whether they would enjoy or be well suited to running their own business. 

What's more the business failure rate is absolutely huge-  mainly because budding entrepreneurs do not research, test and choose their ideas effectively. 

For almost a decade, Breakaway has been pioneering a system that aligns the budding entrepreneur with the right idea. 


Why should you consider working with Breakaway? 

SUSTAINABLE CONCEPT CREATION: There is a huge difference between the next big thing in business and the idea that is right for you. Refining what becomes a successful business model often takes years of effort, huge creativity and emotional resilience. We will help you identify the start up concept that represents a perfect combination of your passions, values, capabilities and cutting edge trends.

DIVERSIFIED EXPLORATION STRATEGY: The biggest mistake that budding entrepreneurs make is that that they get impatient and attached to one idea to the detriment of a broader exploration. We help you to identify and manage multiple concepts at the same time to increase the probability of finding a real need and developing a solid solution. 

EFFECTIVE RESEARCH: The name of the game has changed from being the first to have an idea to being the first to market. We will help you to identify and gain access to the thought leaders, organisations and institutes that are critical to researching and testing your business models effectively. 

LAUNCHPAD: Whether you are going to crowdfund, give away equity or seek angel investing, we give you what you need to launch your enterprise.

COST & TIME EFFECTIVENESS We offer a range of solutions that support all budgets and schedules. There is no excuse for not enjoying our proven coaching processes.