- Are you considering a gap year or sabbatical?

- Do you want to use this rare window of time to discover the right career while also having the adventure of a lifetime?

- Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer scale of opportunity?


Enjoying a purpose driven gap experience that still feels liberating and full of surprise is an art.

Breakaway is a world leader in vocational coaching- the only way of designing an experience that explores what you find meaningful as an individual. Jeremy Behrmann, the founder of Breakaway and the author of the Breakaway Book, has been dedicating his life to helping people embark on epic adventures.


Why should you work with Breakaway?

CREATE YOUR OWN VOCATIONAL MAP: Using your precious time to explore and discover passions, values, abilities and new opportunities is what a these experiences are all about.  Without your own unique map you will never know the full sale of potential that is available to you and whether you have explored fully. We will broaden your horizons!

CLARIFY AND MANAGE YOUR BEST OPPORTUNITIES: Being able to identify and differentiate between your best long term career aspirations, short term income sources, travel experiences and passion projects will ensure you make the most of your time. We will help you to clarify your most meaningful explorations.

GAIN EFFECTIVE EXPERIENCE: When exploring career and business ideas you have to gain direct experience and complete effective research. If you don't experiment with a wide variety of options you cannot compare different careers effectively. As a result, when it comes to making a decision you will most likely have to rely on assumption or make an impulsive decision. We will ensure that by the time your gap experience finishes, you will feel 100% confident around which career to pursue or what business to launch. 

CREATE A LAUNCHPAD: Securing a budget and schedule to embark on your ultimate adventure requires careful consideration. We help you to identify a program for your gap experience and how you can align your finances, work responsibilities and travel arrangements accordingly. Ultimately we prepare you to make a leap out into the void to discover your ultimate career