Let us walk the journey with you

With your own Breakaway coach you are guaranteed personal attention, accountability, world class strategy and support in understanding your patterns and career saboteurs. You will be guided personally through the key stages of our Breakaway Process:

  1. CAREER CANVASS - Explore and map the key passions, values, abilities and interests that underpin your career potential. Appreciate what you find meaningful and your source of innovation.
  2. CAREER CONSTELLATION - Cross Pollinate to identify all the careers, roles, business ideas and travel experiences that support your vocation. Push the boundaries of your awareness of potential! 
  3. VOCATIONAL DASHBOARD - Filter, cluster, evaluate and prioritise your best opportunities ready for further exploration. Manage, organise and put first things, first!
  4. RESEARCH CASCADE - Gain experience, research and experiment with multiple options while still paying the bills. Remain fluid as you discover your key value proposition.
  5. LAUNCHPAD - Secure the funding and positions you need to embark on your Breakaway and complete your transition. 


PERSONAL FACE TO FACE COACHING provides a safe space to express, process and reflect effectively. Special attention also guarantees that you complete each key stage of the Breakaway Process.

PRACTICAL COACHING TUTORIALS that guide you through developing the frameworks that are the key result of each stage.

5 ONE HOUR SESSIONS held every week for first 3 weeks and every two weeks after that.


ACCOUNTABILITY: Making the investment and having to work towards deadlines with a coach is the most effective way of guaranteeing results.

PUSHING BOUNDARIES: Face to Face coaching supports more ideas, bolder thinking & improved strategy.

PATTERN RECOGNITION: Working face to face with a coach allows the professional to pick up subtle hints in clients language and behavior which can suggest limiting beliefs, irrational thinking and impulsive decision making.

CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING: Breakaway coaches specialise in enhancing the cross pollination of ideas and concept creation. We help you develop better ideas and more options.


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Jeremy had the amazing ability to empathize and understand my seemingly difficult position and lack of decision making, but he lifted the fog and simplified the situation into understandable, and achievable, goals. Within weeks massive changes were made and a hugely positive influence impacted upon my future!
— Mike, Property Professional
In trying to understand myself in terms of what I want and what I want to do, I feel motivated and inspired by my experience with Breakaway.
— Freddie, Student