A map of your own unique career potential

Are you looking to change career, start a business or choose a thesis topic?

Before you make the investment, feel certain that you have explored the best idea!


Get coached to:

  • Explore everything that you find meaningful which has career potential
  • Identify roles and ideas that support your unique profile of passions, values, abilities, interests and related trends.
  • Create innovative value propositions by thinking laterally and combining realms of interest together.
  • Enjoy a never before seen perspective of opportunity that is available to you before making big decisions.

The process

  1. You provide the windows of free time when you can be coached. It can be on your daily commute, enjoying your tea break or while you are sitting in bed.
  2. I coach you in those times by Facebook messenger or Whatsapp and if required, by video coaching.
  3. I guide you through 2 key stages:
    • Stage 1 – The Career Canvass – Exploring everything that you find meaningful and flagging everything that has potential 
    • Stage 2 – The Career Constellation – Visually mapping all the innovative career, thesis or start up ideas that support your unique profile and identifying your best options that you can act on straight away.
  4. The whole process can be completed in a matter of hours or over a couple of weeks depending on your time availability. We will get you to the finish line. 
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Q&A with Jeremy Behrmann

How did I develop the methodology?

Read about my experience over HERE

Why do I coach through Messenger? 

I have a highly refined model that works through messenger as well as it does face to face without charging you for the privilege. I can also make myself available to answer questions with a guaranteed 4 hour response time

Is my data confidential? 100%

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