- Want to explore a new direction at a key life transition? 

- Looking to choose what you want to study or do your thesis on?

- Struggling to explore all the options without getting overwhelmed?


We all wonder whether there is a more meaningful opportunity out there for us but when we open ourselves up to new potential it is easy to get lost, make an impulsive decision or influence no change at all. 

For almost a decade, we have been pioneering the art of career exploration. We believe that every person has a career that supports a unique combination of passions, values, abilities and related trends. Discovering that career takes a very specific strategy that we have been refining through the thousands of clients that we have worked with. 


Why should you consider working with Breakaway? 

WE HAVE THE RIGHT COACH FOR YOU: Our team of coaches have worked from executive to school student level and collectively cover a broad range of sectors. 

WE FOLLOW A METHODICAL COACHING PROCESS: For over 10 years the Breakaway coaching methodology has been refined to produce consistent results. 

COST & TIME EFFECTIVENESS We offer a range of solutions that support all budgets and schedules. There is no excuse for enjoying our proven coaching processes