- Want to explore a new direction at a key life transition? 

- Finding the sheer scale of choice overwhelming?

- Struggling to find the money and time needed to explore effectively?


We all wonder what is over the horizon but when we open ourselves up to new potential in the 21st century landscape it is easy to get lost, make an impulsive decision or influence no change at all. 

For almost a decade, we have been pioneering the art of career exploration. 


Why should you consider working with Breakaway? 

CREATE A UNIQUE VOCATIONAL MAP: You cannot feel that you are in the right career or made effective study choices until you have properly explored your vocational landscape. There is a constellation of options that support your unique combination of passions, values and abilities. We will help you identify them all!

DEVELOP A VOCATIONAL DASHBOARD: Don't scramble to find any career in the name of financial freedom or conforming to convention. Rather create the freedom to discover the right career! We will help you to manage multiple career explorations while still paying the bills and meeting your responsibilities. We will even help you to identify new income streams!

FOLLOW A RESEARCH CASCADE: The biggest factor contributing towards job dissatisfaction or business failure is a lack of direct experience and poor research. People change careers, sign up for degrees and launch businesses based on assumption, probable success and the influence of other people. We hold you accountable to follow a logical and incremental process so that you do not get ahead of yourself.

MAKE THE LEAP: Changing careers and starting a business is a massive shift and we will give you the clarity and confidence to make an effective transition. 

COST & TIME EFFECTIVENESS We offer a range of solutions that support all budgets and schedules. There is no excuse for not enjoying our proven coaching processes. 


Learn about the key stages of our unique COACHING SYSTEM