Career Uncertainty Formula

  • Feeling uncertain in your career?

  • Going from one thing to the other?

  • Struggling to make the jump or start that business?

The career uncertainty formula will help you to appreciate why you keep questioning yourself and what you need to do to be present in your career. 

CE - Exposure to choices 

Your career certainty is influenced by the number of choices you are faced with on a daily basis. Through Facebook, Linked-In and crowdfunding campaigns you are exposed to literally hundreds of new career and business opportunities every day. This bombardment of new opportunities can undermine the certainty that you are in the right career.

HE - Halo Effect

The Halo effect describes seeing other people’s experiences with a positive bias. Starting a business is a very risky proposition, changing career requires a huge step out of one’s comfort zone and building a successful enterprise usually involves significant sacrifices. The reality is that often we only see or are presented with the glossy window dressing. This unbalanced perspective can make us see our careers differently and brings uncertainty into our professional lives.

CV - Clarity of Value proposition

If you have no idea how much you are valued in your current role or whether you can add more value elsewhere, you have no certainty. People who get fired or looked over for a promotion have not demonstrated enough value, it is simple as that.  Your certainty of value proposition is determined by how well you know what makes you innovative, your awareness of other opportunities and whether you know your current job supports the realisation of your unique potential.

CE - Career Exploration.

How we feel about our careers is a simple function of relativity. The more varied your work experience the easier it is to compare different careers and feel more certain that you are in the right place. People who lack diverse experience struggle to think of different ideas or step out of their comfort zone.  This lack of opportunity to explore from a career perspective creates uncertainty and leads to impulsive decision making often based on assumption. 

The Solution 

The only way to feel certain that you are in the right career is to embark on a career exploration. We cannot hide from all the career choices that we are exposed to, we have to face them head on. The world is turbulent and competitive- we have to be at the cutting edge of what we do. 

Sure, certain career or business ideas seem really exciting and have a huge Halo above them. The only way to see the real picture is to gain real experience in what you want to do. We cannot make big career decisions based on theory, assumption or the influence of other people-you need to get direct experience in all the options that intrigue you. This does not mean that you will have to quit your job, change your career or even take time off. Career exploration is not the same thing as career change. 

Breakaway is a leader in coaching people to create career exploration strategies. No matter  how little time, free cash or ideas you may have, we will give you the strategy and confidence to effectively explore all the careers that grip your imagination. Through greater career exploration you will have better understanding of your value proposition and whether you should make a change.

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