What will we do to get ahead?

Over the last months I have been seeing more and more fascinating and potentially scary signs that we as humans, will do almost anything to get ahead.  This conversation represents more than just competitiveness but opens up a bigger discussion of how we are getting into what people are calling 'Singularity' when machines and humans become one. 

In Silicone Valley- the new big industry is called Nootropics. It represents people using all types of 'healthy' chemicals- no long term studies have been done- to boost brain function so that people can compete more effectively.  Read here 

Even more extreme is the practice of transcranial direction current stimulation. People are developing all manner of devices that access specific parts of the brain related to certain tasks. Someone who struggles with Maths perhaps just does not know how to access or power up that part of the brain. A person who is very strong analytically but needs certain lateral thinking abilities would normally have to employ a 'creative'. Is that all going to change now that people can use technology to manipulate their brains to solve specific problems. Economist Piece here

Students are not taking drugs anymore to get high but to get a job. Guardian Piece here

It brings up the big question of what people will sacrifice to feel like they are getting ahead?