Your guide to the 21st century career landscape

Coach, speaker, author and a facilitator of epic adventures. 

He believes that we are all entrepreneurs in a time when nothing can be taken for granted. Huge competition, rampant innovation, the rise of technology and the changing values of work mean that people are consistently having to refine their value proposition in relation to what they find meaningful. 

Realising that the world had changed, Jeremy embarked on a quest around the world to chart the new career landscape and develop tools for people and companies to navigate it effectively. The Breakaway Book tells the story of his explorations in places like Patagonia, Colombia and the Cradle of Humanity in Africa – as well as in the capitalist hubs of LA, London and Sydney.

Jeremy has used his vocation based processes to support companies enhance their approach to innovation, leadership , sales and customer engagement. He was worked with multinationals, government departments, start-ups, schools and normal individuals who are keen to embark on a Breakaway. 

Jeremy is a visiting professor of leadership at the University of Southern Maine in the USA. He is a contributing writer for Fast Company and has recently been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, BBC Magazine, News24, and on Classic FM.

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